Let the Sparks Fly!

Sometimes I would advise brides not to go too “trendy” with their wedding plans. Uber-current trends will sometimes look lovely this year, but outdated a mere year from now. Sometimes, though, a trend comes along that is so fabulous that I think it will stand the test of time. Sparkler exits are one of these trends.

Besides being a spectacularly fun way to depart from your wedding, sparkler exits make for breathtaking photographs and lasting memories. Your guests will love playing with sparklers, especially the kids, and you will love running off as newlyweds through a tunnel of sparkling light. Check with your venue to see if they allow sparkler exits (some don’t), and make sure your photographer knows your plans so he is prepared. Also, make sure you get extra-long sparklers (likeĀ these) so there is plenty of time to light them and have you run under them without them burning out. Also, make sure you designate someone to hand out the sparklers and get them lit before you come out so there is no confusion.

Seriously, though, how beautiful are these pictures?!

Let the Sparks Fly!Let the Sparks Fly! Let the Sparks Fly!Let the Sparks Fly!

1. Via Floridian Weddings | 2. Via Pinterest | 3. Via Wedding Chicks | 4. Via Floridian Weddings