Out of Town Bags: Inspiration

Out-of-town bags (also known as OOT bags or welcome bags) are a great way to welcome your out-of-town guests to your wedding. These bags are left in their hotel rooms ahead of time or distributed during the welcome party and they are filled with snacks, drinks, maps, and miscellaneous other treats to make their stay more comfortable and thank them for coming to celebrate with you.

You have so many options for your OOT bags. You can have the bag feature your monogram, a cute pattern, or a saying that means something to you as a couple. It can have your wedding date or even highlight the city you are getting married in. It’s entirely up to you and your partner to decide what your guests might like and what they are likely to use again! These bags start at just $1.80 each!

Later today, we’ll do another post on OOT bag contents, but for now, here are some budget-friendly bags to hold welcome goodies for your guests!

Side note: some hotels will deliver these bags for you to your block of guest rooms prior to guest arrival! Ask your hotel what their policy is.

Out of Town Bags Out of Town BagsOut of Town Bags Out of Town BagsOut of Town Bags Out of Town BagsOut of Town Bags Out of Town BagsOut of Town Bags Out of Town Bags

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