Out of Town Bags: Contents

Once you have picked out the perfect welcome bag, it’s time to fill it up with things that will make your guests’ stay more comfortable. When coming up with the items you’d like to include, just put yourself in the position of your guests. What items would make your stay easier, more comfortable, and more fun?

Please keep in mind that this list is just meant as inspiration. You are by no means obligated to include all of this in your welcome bags. In fact, you don’t even need to have welcome bags at all! My hope is that this list will give you some ideas for your welcome bags should you choose to have them.

Suggested Items:

A welcome note- This is the most important item on this list. Your bags should include a note that welcomes your guests into town and expresses your gratitude for joining you on your happy day! I like these four from Etsy.
Water bottles- Hotel water bottles can be really pricey, so your guests will love having water waiting for them when they arrive. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to use customized water bottle labels!
Snacks- It’s always a good idea to include a couple of things for your guests to snack on in between wedding events. To make it more personal, try including items that show off the city you are getting married in. For example, salt water taffy is perfect if you are getting married in New Jersey, or Moon Pies if your wedding is in Tennessee. You can also feature food from cities that are significant to you as a couple along with a note explaining why.
A map of the area and local attractions- Your guests will more than likely have a little bit of down time around your wedding events. A map of the area, including your wedding location(s) and locations/descriptions of local attractions will make your guests’ stay easier and more fun. This one is my favorite right now.

A schedule of the weekend’s events and contact information- Sure, your guests received the invitation, but a complete itinerary of the events of the weekend will be much appreciated anyways! Also, be sure to include contact information if your guests have any questions. This person does NOT need to be you, and probably should not be you, because you will be too busy to answer phone calls. Ask a close friend or family member to be the point person for out-of-town guests.

Other ideas:

A cute “Do Not Disturb” sign- This sign can let hotel room service know to keep out while letting the world know that your guests are there for your big day! Etsy has so many cute options!
Alcohol- You can include mini bottles of wine, beer, or liquor if you want to get the party started early!
Hand wipes or Purrell
A postcard of the area
Travel packs of pain relievers and medicine such as Tylenol, Advil, Pepto, etc.- This might come in handy the morning after your wedding!
A bag of popcorn
Mini cereal boxes
Mini sunscreen/lotion/shampoo/conditioner
Anything else specific to your event- For example, if you are having an outdoor rustic wedding, consider including bug spray!

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