Aca-Awkward: How to Tell a Friend She’s Not a Bridesmaids

Any other Pitch Perfect fans out there?

Maybe you were her maid of honor and you’ve since drifted apart. Maybe someone you don’t consider yourself particularly close to assumes they will be in your bridal party. Maybe you only want your sisters to stand with you when you get married. Picking your bridal party can bring up some awkward moments. How do you tell a friend that she’s not a bridesmaid?

Be kind, but be honest. Maybe take her out to drinks or coffee and tell her the situation honestly. If you feel like you’ve drifted apart, explain to her that it is important to you to have the most signficiant people in your life stand with you on your wedding day, and you had to leave out a lot of people who are special to you. If you kept your bridal party to family-only, she’ll most likely understand. Maybe she feels entitled to be your bridesmaid because she had you in her wedding party, but that does not obligate you to reciprocate. Instead, make sure she knows that you value her friendship and want to remain close to her, even if that means finding another role for her at your wedding. Her feelings might be hurt, and she might get angry, but your best bet for keeping her as a friend is to handle the situation with honesty.

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