DIY Birdcage Veil Tutorial

Birdcage veils are so fun and romantic. This simple DIY veil is quick, easy, and it can be super cheap to boot! The veil is attached to a headband, so you can choose one that matches your own personal style. The one we used has a vintage feel with a gold metal flower and a pearl accent, but you can go classic with crystals or modern with prints or feathers.

DIY Birdcage Veil

2- 20 inch x 10 inch pieces of Russian netting (white)
White thread and needle
Hot glue gun
White felt (optional)
Bobby pins
1. Line up the two layers of netting so you have one double-layer rectangle.
2. Tie the thread to the corner of one of the short sides of the rectangle.
3. Sew in and out of the diamond pattern of the netting, working your way around three sides. When you are finished, you should have gathered three sides of the netting (short, long, short).
4. Pull the thread tight enough to shorten the length of the netting to about 4-6 inches (depending on whether you want a wider or more narrow veil) and sew the thread to the last corner to preserve the gathering.
5. Decide where on your headband you want the veil to sit. Put the headband on your head and use the bobby pins to attach the veil to it, making adjustments until it achieves the desired effect.
6. Take the headband and veil off and use hot glue to attach the netting to the headband.
7. If desired, cut out and glue felt over the glue on the underside of the headband. This can make it more aesthetically pleasing, but isn’t necessary for the overall look or comfort of the veil.
8. Let cool and dry completely. Trim the veil if desired, and remove any visible hot glue strands.
9. Wear your beautiful handmade veil and look fabulous on your wedding day!


DIY Birdcage VeilDIY Birdcage Veil

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